Africa – Architecture, Culture and Identity

Mokena Makeka [Makeka Design Lab] was commissioned by the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art in Denmark to design an object for an exhibition which focuses on architecture in Sub-Saharan Africa juxtaposed with art and other cultural perspectives. The exhibition, called AFRICA – Architecture, Culture and Identity is the third in a series that started in 2012 with an exhibition on Nordic identity entitled NEW NORDIC followed in 2014 by Arab Contemporary, focusing on the Arab world.



As an introduction to the exhibition the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art asked approximately 25 cultural personalities ranging from authors to artists, designers and architects from sub-Saharan Africa, the following question: ”What is your Africa?”. The question aimed to present a multitude of personal voices destabilizing the - in a European context - rather fixed view of “Africa” to the public at the very beginning of the exhibition.


The exhibition will be running from 25 June 2015 to 25 October 2015.