Mo Ibrahim Foundation Forum

Mokena Makeka was invited to participate as a panellist in the Ibrahim Forum on ‘African Urban Dynamics’ which will takes place on 22nd November 2015 at the Accra International Conference Centre, Ghana.

Bringing together a diverse range of high-level African stakeholders belonging to various public and private constituencies, as well as key non-African partners, the Forum aims to provoke an open and frank discussion, beyond stating issues and renewing commitments by defining pragmatic strategies, operational action points and shared responsibilities.


Urban structures:  Bottlenecks and priorities

Theme: Providing sufficient, affordable and sustainable infrastructure for the massive surge of urban dwellers is a central challenge. All sectors require attention, with equal levels of need and urgency, be it housing, energy, transport, water and sanitation or waste management. To be efficiently managed, this requires careful, focused and strategic urban planning, including specific attention on the balance with, and connections to, rural areas, as well as between primate and smaller cities. At the same time, demographic growth represents a huge potential market for the private sector. Properly addressed, with the opportunity to leapfrog, cities could create stronger links between African urban growth and development for the benefit of African citizens.