MDL at the City Ward Co-Design Workshops

With the vision to include everyone in the World Design Capital 2014 experience, the City of Cape Town conceptualized the co-design workshops as a participatory platform for local communities to engage with council officials, representatives and design practitioners. During a one-day workshop in each ward a local challenge is unpacked and participants are challenged to turn these into opportunities that can inform future development.

The co-design workshops will be a participatory platform engaging community, council officials, representatives and design practitioners around a specific problem or opportunity in each Ward. Working with councilors and officials at a sub-council level the WDC team has identified a specific issue in the Ward that would most benefit most from a ‘design thinking’ process. The 1-day co-design workshops will take place in local community halls.

The first workshops are being activated in May-June 2013. Three of our architects are attending the workshops as design practitioners for the Hanover Park, Bo-Kaap and Durbanville wards. Our experience to date is highly colourful and inspirational, reiterating the importance of design thinking as a way of life.