Delve Deeper


Makeka Design Lab was appointed to conceptualize and redesign the façade of a rundown 1935 building for renowned Johannesburg developers and Maboneng creators, Propertuity. The proposal was inspired by the notion of “beyond”.


Delve: To search deeply and laboriously. // Deeper: Extending far downward below a surface.


This interpretation evolved into an initial surface treatment where “Deep” refers to a rich and intense shade of colour, of which in this case, is black and grades upwards to the sky (cosmos) into lightness (metaphorically). The gradient extends the surface and aims to create a direction focus upwards. The contrast makes reference to the city vs the sky. The activity of the urban landscape where things connect, engage and overlap fades into peace and oblivion. The dense graphic loosens and frees the elements as the eye moves up. Ultimately the intention should leave a passerby wondering what lies beyond the façade.