The Ray Alexander Simons Memory Centre


The Memory Centre is conceived as a cluster of buildings together giving shape and order to the currently fragmented public realm. The first component is a tower which houses access and critical ancillary functions and acts as an urban marker that announces the Memory Centre precinct. The existing hall is converted into a gallery space partly submerged under a heritage garden which engages with the street and invites the passerby into the public spatial experience. Access via the tower heralds an underground journey where interactive virtual dioramas begin to narrate stories of the Memory Centre. This journey continues to a gallery space in which a vertical shaft connects the underground galleries to the floating galleries which hover and provide shade to the heritage garden.

The Ray Alexander Simons Memory Centre of Workers & Resistence is a Joint Venture between Makeka Design Lab (MDL) and AVNA.

Project Status: Under Construction
Project Type: Arts & Culture