Gwangju Design Biennale


In 2009, Makeka Design Lab displayed its artwork 'Rest' at the Gwangju Design Biennale. A copy of the 'Rest' presentation is available in PDF format below.


“One Earth, One Sun”: We, together as one community

Byoung Soo Cho, Curator for Living


The theme of the exhibition, “One Earth, One Sun” is about community. Through the process of installing and recording light as it fills each House of Light, the people of the 24 different regions will communicate, collaborate, and create one overall picture together. The picture created would, I hope, be a picture of a global community. People from the different regions, museums, galleries, and schools will communicate through each house about how the boxes will be placed and used. I would like to call the process, “the recognition and awareness of one community” or “true communalization.”
Today, we dwell in places often not very secure. This insecurity does not come from some supernatural force outside of the earth or solar system, but it mostly comes from within ourselves. Our misunderstanding or unwillingness to understand each other’s culture or society causes discomfort and even hateful attitudes towards one another. However, if we spend a little time to look at the environmental conditions of each different region, we will recognize that each different culture of each region developed based upon its own environmental conditions. Among these environmental elements, I believe the different qualities of sunlight in each of the different regions guided most of one’s own unique culture. When we understand and accept the differences of one another, the globe will become a more secure place. The variation of the solar angle, color, and intensity appear subtle from one region to the other, but if we pay a little bit more attention, we recognize how they are all different and, even more amazingly, how they are so beautifully diverse from one to the other.
We are living in an era of democratically individualized society where the concept of “I” is more important than the concept of “we.” This is fine as long as we do not compartmentalize ourselves. Rather we can keep our eyes open to look at each other with others’ point of views. Through the project “One Earth, One Sun,” communities around the world can share an opportunity to recognize that above all the struggles and conflicts we have around the world today, we are still a collection of communities that live on one Earth revolving around one Sun. By looking and listening to each others’ colors and various intensity of the sun, from sunrise to sunset, we will become aware of the great differences of one another. The variation in movement of the sun projected on 24 different screens mounted on one wall will become one great orchestra that plays through the 45 day period of the Biennale.
Through the project, people from all different communities will participate, contribute, and become players themselves rather than just spectators. I expect people and communities to explore how they can talk, listen, and participate. The project attempts to reject the sole notion of ‘self’ in favor of ‘we’. It invites all the communities around the globe to participate and complete the symphony of one community and it thus promotes Ubuntu* and becomes truly global.
Project Status: Built
Project Type: Competitions