Conradie Hospital Site Redevelopment


The re-development of the old ConradieHospital site is an unique opportunity to provide housing and employment in a new integrated neighbourhood. Furthermore housing can be provided relatively close to the Cape Town CBD. The site will be a new node of activity which joins work, living and leisure around an urban park. This open space will be the green lung of the precinct and contains social facilities like a heritage community hall, sports facilities, a landscaped park as well as a hard landscaped urban square with retail, restaurants, café’s etc. A convenience centre is proposed adjacent to the park and will interchange its pedestrian flows with the park. Over and above the focus on working living and leisure the development will integrate social and cultural diversity due to its socio-economically mixed target market. 

In this spirit the development aims to be a truly sustainable integrated neighbourhood both in the ecological as well in the socio-economical sense of sustainability. 

Some characteristics for the implementation of the above are:

  • A wide income market is targeted for housing: First home owner, lower and middle income families, upmarket loft and penthouse opportunities.
  • Integration of different income groups by including ‘Gap-housing’ market options (approx. 13% of total housing units) within open market housing.
  • Control of re-selling of affordable housing to market value through governing first buy option.
  • The re-development of the old hospital site allows for desired densification of the urban fabric at a ‘brown field’ site in terms of City and Provincial policies.
  • Co-funding through organizations subsidizing sustainability projects.
  • Convenience Centre – catering for immediate neighbourhood (incl. Thornton) as well as for daily by-passers.
  • Potential to act as 2010 WorldCupVillage