Swellendam BonteBok Park Swimming Pool and Activity Pavilion

This natural swimming pool does not make use of any chemicals. It utilizes aquatic plants and a filtration system to clean the water. The natural swimming pool is a mini ecosystem. The pool is composed of two pools, a swimming area and a regeneration area, both of which are merged .

The swimming area is used for swimming. The regeneration area is where the water is cleaned and the aquatic plants reside. A filtration system is installed in the pool to capture large debris and circulate the water to and from the regeneration area.

The filtration system can be run off of solar power to enhance the environmentally friendly appeal. 

This eco pool is not just a place where people will come to swim, but also an activity pavillion, comprising a series of recreational activities for all age groups, including: picnics, braais, boma, team-building activities as well as athletics and games like archery.