MoDILA - The Museum of Design, Innovation, Leadership and Art

MoDILA is a trust that offers educational programs that raise awareness, trains and inspire the public, and offers an interactive multimedia platform for design, innovation and entrepreneurship and art studies. Touching on the significance of the knowledge economy and the invaluable contribution Design, Innovation Leadership & Art have to make to the growing of this economy, MoDILA vividly transports us to a place where a vibrant, convivial and all inclusive economy, fuelled by the celebration of innovation, science and the arts, articulates a better future for all. MoDILA will be the premier contemporary museum on the continent and its programs will play a significant role in the transformation & prosperity of the Western Cape, South Africa and the continent at large.
The MoDILA Project takes references from the immediate urban fabric in order to generate a transformation matrix which illustrates its social impact and outreach objectives. As an iconic element against the Cape Town Landscape the proposed museum building reflects on the crystallized chemical make-up of Table mountain and abstracts this idea as a conceptual starting point. Conceptually, the façade development emphasizes the design community as a network or linked series of nodes (stars) to form a unified constellation in the form of the Pleiades star constellation also known in Africa as the Isilemela star which introduces the iconic museum building as a modern archeoastronomical timepiece of african architecture.
Dr Chris Engelbrecht writes the following on the significance of the Isilemela star in the African context: “The Pleiades have had a prominent agricultural and ritual symbolism in various cultures in central and southern Africa. The name for the Pleiades in Zulu is isiLimela, meaning “the digging stars”. The names in various languages from central Africa down through southern Africa are similar. The Pleiades become visible in the evening sky towards the end of winter. Their unique appearance makes them easy to recognise and commence with “the digging”, preparing the soil for planting. In Xhosa culture the sighting of the Pleiades setting shortly after the sun signifies that the time is right for the annual initiation ceremonies.” This idea is represented as perforations on the façade panels which is generated by utilizing parametric principles and computer algorithm.
Project Status: Conceptual
Project Type: Arts & Culture