House Mboweni


In juxtaposing the ‘classical’ appearance of the existing house with a horizontally orientated building element, the addition expresses the delight of a contemporary lifestyle. Forming the new backbone of the house, the new First Floor accompanies the contour of the site and exposes the length of the main bedroom to the views over East Pretoria. The tectonic is expressed through solid and void – the open entertainment Ground Floor alters with the strong horizontal balcony balustrade, the balcony itself again as void, then sheltered by the clear line of a pergola, which wraps down to become bookend and introduce the contrasting vertical elements like chimney and glazing. A clerestory and flat top roof conclude the horizontal layering. Materiality is defined by white walls, glazing and timber elements such as staircase, floors and pergola.  

Project Status: Conceptual
Project Type: Private