Zanzibar Pearl Resort

Durrat Al Bahrain is one of the most exciting and challenging development projects currently under construction in the Gulf Region. This project, located on the south east coast of the Kingdom of Bahrain, has the ultimate potential to accommodate some 35’000 people across a number of distinctive precincts. The project is conceived to be a recreational and leisure based community catering for a broad spread of primarily GCC based residents, many of whom will have Durrat as a second home. The potential community will have a diverse make-up, and as such it is projected that a variety of residential typologies be delivered to satisfy the demand. Durrat is located to the South east of the Kingdom of Bahrain, with a number of created islands supplementing the mainland areas. The area of the golf course is the northern mainland area of the site, to be developed together with potentially three additional precincts; The Marina, Northern Creek Side, and North Beach. A new highway is being constructed which will provide an efficient connection to the capital of Manama, the Airport, and the Causeway to Saudi Arabia. A diverse team of industry professionals has developed the Master Plan, with the concept design established by WS Atkins Overseas Partners.
The project has achieved considerable presales for the low density island areas, known as the Petals and Atolls, with the ability to accommodate some 2000 units. To maximize the value of the project, and to ensure the project appeals to a broad spectrum of purchasers, it is proposed to differentiate the precincts across the site. Each of these precincts is defined by logical physical location, and/or particular special uses. These are:
• The Atolls
• The Petals
• The Crescent
• The Pearl Island
• The Marina
• The Golf Course