City of Cape Town Inner City Transport Hub


Each of the public transport facilities which are to form part of the future City of Cape Town inner city transport hub, are diverse in their location and character and responds in different ways to the specific requirements of its users. However, these are functioning separately, with very little thought given to integration – additionally, a lack of high quality public spaces and a poorly articulated hierarchy of pedestrian networks, exacerbate this problem.

The challenge in this regard is to tie all of these together in a pro-active manner, by providing form to the idea of ‘an inner city transport hub,’ as the equivalent of, and equal in importance to each individual facility which forms part of it.

It is therefore more than just signage, the upgrading of pedestrian routes between these facilities or the replacement of the taxi rank roof. It requires a rethink of the role of the complex as a whole and by doing that, acknowledges the importance of this facility within the broader urban context and public transport strategy.  

The process will be informed by the nature and extent of the existing inherited structures, an understanding of the facilities’ space requirements and the chance for a design driven intervention which provides a facility of world class standard, but geared towards and   hugely appropriate to the specific needs and aspirations of Cape Town and its users.    

The following will be key objectives of the project:

  • To create an informative and principle-driven conceptual development framework which sets the tone for a responsive urbanism within the inner city and which creates a resilient logic that offers the appropriate levels of flexibility which rigid ‘masterplanning,’ cannot achieve.
  • To engage with current and future concerns of transportation planning, including a changing user profile, limited resources, sustainability and a deliberate exploration of what constitutes quality urban spaces which facilitates and accommodates public transport functions and users.
  • To design for growth and expansion in a way which do not inhibit future demands, whilst acting as mechanism to unlock future development potential within the inner city. 

The Hub is a Joint Venture between MDl and Meyer + Vorster.