Zanzibar Bridge


Dar Es Salaam has experienced a growth from 400 000 residents in 1972 to 2 500 000 residents in 2005, making it the 3th fastest growing city in Africa. The Magogoni creek forms the South-eastern Border of metropolitan Dar Es Salaam and locates the industrial harbour. The connectivity across the Magogoni Creek to Kigamboni depends on the unreliable service of two pontoons at the mouth of the creek. Therefore the area of Kigamboni has been underdeveloped during the explosive growth, resulting in an unbalanced urban morphology for the greater Dar Es Salaam and a poor access to municipal services for the residents.

The proposed project entails undertaking construction of the following:
  • A 640m long six-lanes (three on each side) toll bridge, 400 metres south of dockyard;
  • Six lanes of 1 km each of an approach road on the City side and 1.5 km on the Kigamboni side. The approach road on the city side will be located adjacent to the Kurasini Creek, north of the natural stream avoiding the two bridges (railway and road bridges along the Mandela Road) and will cross the TAZARA railway line and connect Mandela Road at grade;
  • A two lanes connecting road on the Kigamboni side with an estimated total length of 6.6 km to Mjimwema Road; and
  • Provision for a railway line on the Bridge.